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SCF Capital Financial Benefits


Affordable Low Monthly Payments

Certified Debt Arbitrators

Help You Avoid Bankruptcy

Help with Collection Harassment


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Do you have unanswered questions about how to get out of your current financial situation? Our free consultation with a Sr. Debt Specialist can help if you are considering bankruptcy, consolidation, credit counseling, or just trying to find a way to resolve your unpaid debt. One of our experienced Debt Specialist will consult with you absolutely free.

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Our Services to Consumers
Our professional certified arbitrators have relationships with numerous consumer-lending institutions and also third parties handling unpaid debt. When you hire SCFâ„¢ to engage in relationships with your creditors, SCF - State Capital Financialâ„¢ will attempt to resolve your outstanding unpaid debt by arbitrating a resolution on your behalf. Check out this website www.ultimatemerchantproviders.com for more details about financial .

SCF Qualifying Debts
* Credit Card Debt                     * Medical or Hospital Bills
* Past Due Rent                        * Auto Repos
* Past Due Utilities                    * Unsecured Personal Loans
* Department Store Credit Cards * Gas Cards

SCF Non Qualifying Debts
* Mortgage Payments                * Secured Loans
* Student Loans                        * Car Payments
* Income Tax

SCF Disclosures
* SCF Does Not Make Payments To Your Creditors
SCF Does Not Give Advise on (Credit, Legal, or Tax)

Learn more >> Use our 30 minute free phone consultation. A valuable asset offered by State Capital Financial in order to help educate consumers. Simply fill out our application by clicking Start Now! or

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